OTP vs. non-OTP

Valentin valentin@REDACTED
Sat Feb 1 08:40:01 CET 2003

> On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 11:00:27AM +0100, Eduardo Figoli wrote:
> }
> }  Should I invest time to learn OTP (patterns)?
> By all means.

Initially, I've tried to do it all by myself -- as a matter of fact I've
been saying, Erlang is great, but OTP sucks. Fear of unknown, I suppose...
and a little bit of arrogance (nobody will tell ME how to do MY stuff!). So,
my first commercial-like app was written without using behaviors and  --
VERY BADLY, I must add. I was not able to understand the code that I wrote
only few weeks earlier. The second iteration of the same app, that I had to
do only two months after official launch (and guess why -- worst thing I've
ever wrote, and I did some horrible stuff in my life) has been restructured
using/following DESIGN PRINCIPLES.  A weekend later, I saw the light at the
end of the tunnel... listening to all these discussions makes me wonder --
could that be a runaway train heading my way? Whatever. Life is good now.

Look, maybe one HAS to go to the bottom of the Adriatic Sea to find out that
wasn't really necessary. After all, expert is a person that made all the
mistakes in a specific field, right?


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