Network benchmark

Miguel Barreiro enano@REDACTED
Fri Dec 12 14:26:44 CET 2003


> Of course, while Erlang could do session setup and teardown, it is
> much too slow to handle the media streams in VoIP, right? We started
> wondering about this "obvious fact" while Lennart was here this week.

I've faced the same situation with video streaming and the Erlang runtime
is fast enough for sending several tens of megabits of MPEG-2
video as Transport Streams over UDP with relatively low jitter.

The opposite, however (receiving streams and parsing braindead headers
such as those in MPEG PS/PES packets) involves quite a bit of bitsyntax
matching and is relatively inefficient.

> Of course, we need to see how many other activities can go on in a
> node when handling RTP - scheduler granularity may be a problem.

VoIP granularity requirements are tighter than those of video, but still
you may be happily surprised.



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