Erlang and Java through CORBA version combinations

Erik Reitsma (ELN) Erik.Reitsma@REDACTED
Mon Sep 23 10:44:00 CEST 2002


About a year ago, I tried to get Erlang to talk to Java JDK 1.3.1 through CORBA. At that time I did not succeed, but now I finally found a work-around. Not that I have been working on it all this time of course...

I assume that it is a bug in JDK 1.3.1: it gives IORs with GIOP version 1.1, but when Erlang speaks 1.1 to it, the Java ORB throws marshalling errors. So my work-around is, to change the versions of incoming IORs to the version that was provided at the command line to the Erlang shell with '-orber giop_version "{1,0}"'. That way Orber will think that it is supposed to talk GIOP 1.0 to it. It is a bit dirty, but it worked...

It is a very small modification, and I have only tried it with Orber 3.2.13 and JDK 1.3.1. So I cannot promise that it will not break anything else. It only solved my problem, so I am happy with it myself.

I have included the diff from the original to my adapted version.


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