Erlang and GUI

Lennart Öhman lennart.ohman@REDACTED
Sun Sep 8 16:39:39 CEST 2002

perhaps Bjarne should defend his own powerpoint slides. But I believe
his point is that when developing telecom equipment the GUI must be
separate from the control processor (which usually is the CPU running
the application(s) programmed in Erlang).

1) You don't want the CP to have to use its power to handle windows
2) You may anyway need many different ways to communicate with the
   CP since most customers have their own idea of how it should be
   managed. Therefore you rather think of a few commands which are
   allowed and then let the task of illustrating them to someone

If your application *is* the GUI things might very well come in a
another light. I believe however that there is a bug in GS in R8 for
win32 Erlang (!?). Sometimes GS refuses to start. It can be noticed
when trying to run some of the tools.


Alex Peake wrote:
> Sorry to ask about this again.
> I read in the PowerPoint presentation "Concurrent Functional Programming with Erlang and OTP" by
> Bjarne Däcker that (in the section on Carrier Class apps) "Operator GUI applets" were written in
> Java.
> Is this the best way to develop apps that have a significant Graphical User Interface element to
> them?
> (I looked at "gs" and find that it is the (somewhat limited relative to the MS Windows world with
> ActiveX grids, trees, etc. "widgets") tcl/tk).
> Alex

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