Erlang usage statistics

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Sat Sep 7 15:29:17 CEST 2002

>My only comments is about the field regarding project in Erlang. I have more
>than one project to mention, but maybe I should put a link to a home page
>dispatching to my others projects.
It is all my fault. I was the one asking for those links.. Guess why :-) 
Once the survey is over, I will be dropping a line to the people who 
added the links and ask if they mind them beeing added in the open 

>Maybe, it should be a better idea for you to store several page for developpers
>participating to several projects. It will be easier, later on, to make a page
>linking to all Erlang known projects.
I am attempting to list all of these projects on the Erlang section of 
the Open Directory at We have now 
reached 280 links (Lots has happened, especially at sourceforge!), and 
with packloads of Articles I found recently that still to be added.  If 
any one has external Erlang pages, add them there or email them to me!!!


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