javascript modules index: results summary

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Fri Sep 6 13:04:41 CEST 2002


Thanks for flooding my mailbox with replies (about 10 within 15
minutes of posting!). Here's a summary:

Reported Working:
   IE 6, Win XP Pro (PB)
   IE 6, Win XP (VD)
   IE 6, Win 2k (ES, BB)
   IE 6, Win 98 (FK)
   IE ?, OSX 1.5 (CW)

   Moz 1.1, Win 2k (BB)
   Netscape 4.61, Solaris (LV)
   Netscape 4.79, Linux (MK)
   Netscape 4.78, Win 95 (SM)
   Netscape 6.x, Win 98 (FC)
   Opera 6.03, linux (MK)
   Opera 6.01, win 95 (SM)

Reported not Working
   Konqueror ?, linux (MK)	
Wish list/bug reports:

   - horribly slow on IE 4.72

   - wouldn't it be nice if when there are several modules matching
     the query, a list of links to those will appear?
     (yes, but this should be optional. Autocomplete would also be
     nifty, but I haven't thought about how to do it)

   - searching on 'z' gives you the page for 'c'
     (true. showing the index would probably be more useful)
   - plus a couple of others I haven't read yet


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