Emacs major mode, IDEs, tools?

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Thu Sep 5 14:36:06 CEST 2002

> What is your experience with Eclipse - I perceived
> it
> as Meta IDE (similiar to Suns Netbeans) - is it easy
> to build Erlang support for it?

 Its kinda like a lightweight version of netbeans.
Eclipse support was not difficult at all really. Once
you have a handle on the API is pretty simple to add
new languages. The only thing that becomes a problem
is the SWT doesn't really behave like an GCed OO
toolkit should. There are allot of classes that you
cannot subclass, you have to dispose your classes
manually etc. Fortunatly, once you get passed the
inconsistancies its not to difficult. Another issue
(though not really a problem really) is the shear
number of APIs available to a plugin developer. It
takes awhile to learn each one.

> Do I needa special Eclipse Version to run your
> stuff?

 Eclipse >= 2.0
 Java >= 1.4

 The only thing that really needs java 1.4 are some of
the regexps I use. If the 1.4 dependency becomes an
issue I will simply remove the built in regexps and
use jakarta rexexp package or perhaps oro. I would
really like to avoid further library dependencies
though, so we will see what happens.


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