ANN: Erlang style sheet for a2ps

Erik Pearson erikp@REDACTED
Tue Sep 3 20:23:23 CEST 2002

A good contribution.

I'm not a a2ps guru, but I was wondering if the "_"
should be mentioned in the 'operators' [a-zA-Z0-9]
reg exps.

>From erlang.ssh:

operators are
    \1 Plain, \2 Keyword_strong),

    \1 String, \2 String),

    \1 String, \2 String)
end operators


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From: Matthias Lang [mailto:matthias@REDACTED]
Subject: Re: ANN: Erlang style sheet for a2ps

One comment: highlit text with underscore characters in it doesn't get
printed the way I expected, e.g. '-include_lib' appears with only
'-include' bold. Same thing for macros like ?LOG_FILENAME.


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