ANN: Erlang style sheet for a2ps

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Tue Sep 3 10:48:34 CEST 2002

Johan Garpendahl writes:

 > I have a style sheet for a2ps that I would like to share.
 > I thought it could be a good idea to beta-test it here before sending
 > it to the a2ps maintainers.

I didn't even know a2ps had pretty printing. Cool. In case I'm not
alone in my ignorance about a2ps, here's what I did to install and use the

  1. Saved the stylesheet as "erlang.ssh" and copied it to wherever my
     system keeps the other a2ps stylesheets. (some style sheets 
     which came with a2ps are: c.ssh, sh.ssh, perl.ssh)

  2. Invoked a2ps with the --pretty-print option, e.g.

     a2ps --pretty-print=erlang -o gth_log.erl

One comment: highlit text with underscore characters in it doesn't get
printed the way I expected, e.g. '-include_lib' appears with only
'-include' bold. Same thing for macros like ?LOG_FILENAME.


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