Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Wed Oct 30 16:27:51 CET 2002

Miguel wrote:

 > 	If you really do want to go for the real thing, get ready to chew
 > some SS7 / SCTP literature :-) At least the people at Corelatus have
 > implemented an SS7 stack in erlang (and so does Ericsson, I suppose), and
 > Matthias Läng speech at the EUC2001 implied that it was not exactly a
 > trivial task.

At the EUC2001, I spoke about implementing one relatively simple layer
of the #7 stack, MTP-2. Other (higher) layers of the #7 stack are
considerably more complex. Some of our customers have their own #7
stacks which they attach to our system at the MTP-2/MTP-3 interface,
but they're not Erlang.

There was an effort at the Ericsson computer science laboratory to
implement #7 in Erlang. I believe MTP-3, TCAP and SCCP were all "90%
finished". The other 90% of the work was never completed, the main
protagonists were sidetracked, first by inventing the binary syntax
and then by the .com bubble.

In any case, as far as I know, nobody has implemented a complete #7
stack (e.g. everything up to GSM-MAP) in Erlang. It seems like quite a
do-able project, albeit rather daunting for just one person.


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