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Tue Oct 29 02:56:55 CET 2002

> For some reason this flag gets set on our Solaris 7 build-box without me 
> finding which lib to include to get the symbol.

the RES_ bit is unknown to me, nor am i sure what symbol you are refering to.
but gethostbyname() has the following man page entry (Solaris 7):

Network	Functions				gethostbyname(3N)

     gethostbyname,	   gethostbyname_r,	   gethostbyaddr,
     gethostbyaddr_r,	gethostent,   gethostent_r,   sethostent,
     endhostent	- get network host entry

     cc	 [ flag	... ] file ... -lnsl [ library ... ]
     #include <netdb.h>

     struct hostent *gethostbyname(const char *name);

this means that the library to include for gethostbyname() is nsl.


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