Which ports does distributed Erlang use?

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Fri Oct 25 14:11:26 CEST 2002

Outch, ooohhh nasty.

  My netgear box has a load of "filter rules" one per open port.

  Opening a  port is no  mean feat and  involves a lot  of squiggeling
around in a lot of incomprehensible menus. It also likes fixed ports.

  Has anybody hacked  the erlang distribution kernal to  use ONE fixed

  I can imagine proxying  through epmd (or something) - alternatively
in the (common)  case that I only fire up  one distributed erlang then
I'd like this to be on a fixed port.

  Has  anybody got  distributed  Erlang running  behind  an RT314  and
talking to erlangs in the big wide world???


> > Next Problem,
> > 
> >   At home I'm  sat behind a netgear RT314  natting router which blocks
> > virtually all incoming requests.
> > 
> >   Which port(s) do I have to  open so that I can get Erlang 
> > distribution
> > working?
> Incoming requests to epmd use port 4369. Until recently the subsequent
> connection to the node used a random port but there is now the possibility
> to configure the ports using some kernel parameters - inet_dist_listen_min
> and inet_dist_listen_max.
> e.g. erl -name sean -kernel inet_dist_listen_min 4711 inet_dist_listen_max
> 4720 will allow you to have 10 nodes listening.
> Sean

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