gs on MacOS X in R9B-0

Bengt Kleberg eleberg@REDACTED
Thu Oct 24 10:26:36 CEST 2002

> Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 15:12:43 +0100
> From: david wallin <david.wallin@REDACTED>
> Subject: RE: gs on MacOS X in R9B-0

> I think this has already been solved in the ESDL driver. Something like
> this should do the trick, but take a closer look in 'esdl_driver.c for
> the details.
>       err = CPSGetCurrentProcess(&PSN);
>       assert(!(err = CPSSetProcessName(&PSN,"ESDL")));
>       assert(!(err =
> CPSEnableForegroundOperation(&PSN,0x03,0x3C,0x2C,0x1103)));     
> assert(!(err = CPSSetFrontProcess(&PSN)));

it used to be considered bad style to put things that
should be done inside assert() statements.
this might have changed.


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