PLI 2002 -- report from someone who was there?

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Wed Oct 23 18:04:14 CEST 2002


there hasn't been a heap of discussion about the PLI conference. The
program looks really interesting:

   08.30   Registration
   Workshop I
   09.00 Welcome / Introduction
   09.10 The Great Type Hope, Invited Lecture
   Philip Wadler, Avaya Labs
   10.00 Coffee break
   Workshop II
   10.30 Hierarchical Module Namespaces in Erlang
   Richard Carlsson, Uppsala university
   11.00 Native Code Compilation of Erlang's Bit Syntax
   Per Gustafsson and Konstantinos Sagonas, Uppsala university
   11.30 Trace Analysis of Erlang Programs
   Thomas Arts, G?teborg IT university, and Lars-?ke Fredlund, SICS
   12.00 World Class Product Certification Using Erlang
   G?sta Ask, Kent Boortz, and Ulf Wiger, Ericsson
   12.30 Lunch
   Workshop III
   14.00 The Evolution of Erlang Drivers and the Driver Writer's Toolkit
   Scott Lystig Fritchie, Snookles Music
   14.30 OTP in Server Farms
   Michael Bruening, Martin Logan and Hal Snyder, Vail Systems
   15.00 Global Scheduler Properties derived from Local Restrictions
   Thomas Arts, G?teborg IT university, and Juan Jos? S?nches Penas, LFCIA
   15.30 Tea break
   Workshop IV
   16.00 On Reducing Interprocess Communication Overhead in Concurrent Programs
   Erik Stenman and Konstantinos Sagonas, Uppsala university
   16.30 Getting Erlang to talk to the Outside World
   Joe Armstrong, SICS
   17.00 Discussion / Report from the Program Committee / Closing comments
There are a bunch potentially interesting papers there. I can't find
an online copy of the proceedings anywhere. Anyone know? Anyone who
was there care to comment on how big the workshop was (how many


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