gs on MacOS X in R9B-0

david wallin david.wallin@REDACTED
Wed Oct 23 16:12:43 CEST 2002

On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 13:40, Sean Hinde wrote:
> > The 8.4.0 Tcl/Tk distribution has a but in the MacOS X code that break
> > the usage of a pipe from Erlang to the wish program. I patched the
> > source and does work. The CVS version has a fix for the problem but I
> > haven't tried it yet.
> > 
> > There is not support in GS for "the MacOS X way" of finding the
> > executable yet so you need to create a link to athe wish executable as
> > Sean suggests,
> So, I downloaded the latest CVS sources last night and compiled them up this
> morning. And, what do you know - toolbar:start() produced a splendid Aqua
> rendition.
> Trouble now is that I can't make it active. Clicking in the toolbar window
> brings the error:
> SetFrontProcess failed,-606.
> A bit of digging reveals that -606 means appIsDaemon - "Application is
> background only". The docs for this Carbon routine say that
> SetFrontProcess() will not work if the process is a background-only
> application.
> So, next question. How do we make ourselves into a foreground application?
> Or failing that any other ideas?
> Sean

I think this has already been solved in the ESDL driver. Something like
this should do the trick, but take a closer look in 'esdl_driver.c for
the details.

      err = CPSGetCurrentProcess(&PSN);
      assert(!(err = CPSSetProcessName(&PSN,"ESDL")));
      assert(!(err =
assert(!(err = CPSSetFrontProcess(&PSN)));


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