gs on MacOS X in R9B-0

Håkan Stenholm hakan.stenholm@REDACTED
Sun Oct 20 23:33:16 CEST 2002

Does this work ?
If it does how does one go about to make it work ?
The MacOS X tcl/tk version (at does 
appear to differ in build / install process compared to linux/unix so 
I'm not all that sure how much help the README file in 
otp_src_R9B-0/lib/gs/tcl is.
I tried to rename MacOSXTk8.4a4.tar.gz (the precompiled mac version) and 
put it at:
otp_src_R9B-0/lib/gs/tcl/binaries/powerpc_darwin6.tar.gz as ./configure 
appears to assume, this works as far as allowing OTP to compile without 
error as as well as putting  some stuff in 
otp_src_R9B-0/lib/gs/priv/Applications (wish) and  
otp_src_R9B-0/lib/gs/priv/Library (tcl and tk frameworks). I would guess 
that part of the problem is that the paths to the tcl/tk stuff isn't 
quite where a unix system would expect them.

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