lies, damn lies and erlang memory use

Mats Cronqvist etxmacr@REDACTED
Fri Oct 18 16:31:16 CEST 2002

> The underlying problem is that the Erlang VM appears to grow, slowly,
> without apparent bound. As always, I have no idea why.
> If I run the instrumented VM on it, it seems to show me rather more
> holes than I expected

  if i add up erlang:system_info(allocated_areas), total heap memory 
([process_info(P,memory)||P<-processes()]) and total ets memory 
([ets:info(T,memory)||T<-ets:all()]) i get between 99% and 0% of what the os 
reports, depending on the history of the node. i would expect that the "holes" 
of matthias accounts for much (all?) of the rest. what do you get if you do 
that addition, matthias?
  we have tried many different mallocs, none has been outstanding.


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