Windows build

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Tue Oct 15 16:26:18 CEST 2002

Vlad Dumitrescu writes:
 > Could you describe very shortly what the problems are when compiling under
 > cygwin? What is the reason for the mixed Unix/Windows build? Only the
 > performance problem you mentioned? Other legacy issues (like maybe ClearCase
 > related)? Today's cygwin is a very good Unix emulation and it feels strange
 > not to be able to build something under it...

Yes, please do elaborate on what the problem is. I haven't used Cygwin in a while,
but I did port a very Unix-y programming language implementation to Windows 9x/NT4
about 4 years ago, and both Cygwin and Dave Korn's U/WIN worked well enough that
this wasn't much of a problem. (The only problems were an I/O redirection thing
which didn't work in Cygwin on Win95, and a bug in U/WIN where its "test -x"
command said that a .bat file was executable even though U/WIN later failed to
recognise it as an executable.)

Admittedly, this particular project used mostly ANSI-C with some gcc extensions,
and depended very little on stuff like networking, threads, async I/O, or GUIs.


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