OS X mega patch

Sean Hinde <>
Sat Nov 30 01:45:25 CET 2002

Hi all,

I present a mega patch which can be applied to a base R9B-0 release (or 
one with kents recent gs patch) to fix various things for OS X (and 
also some other platforms - though see next comment).

There are various Makefile changes included which break support for 
other platforms (I never really figured out Makefiles). All changes to 
the code itself should be cross platform.


* ASN1 linked in driver compiles properly (Makefile change valid for OS 
X only)

* Cursor Keys move the cursor - kinda important to lazy Mac users :) 
(Cross platform - previously released)

* Starting a node using the bin/start script will create the pipe in 
/tmp correctly (Cross platform friendly - previously released)

* CRYPTO works and in addition supports triple des (triple des support 
is new and cross platform, though makefile changes are not)

* SSL compiles properly (valid for OS X only)

* INETS handles a HTTP header packet also holding some of the POST 
content (Cross platform - previously released)

* OS_MON is fully ported to OS X (Fully cross platform friendly change 
- not released previously)

My intention is to shortly release a binary distro containing all these 
patches plus the gs patch - if anyone sees a problem or has any 
additional patches for OS X then please let me know as soon as you can.


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