Lennart Öhman <>
Tue Nov 26 23:52:00 CET 2002

Don't be angry with the supervisor, he is your friend :-)

You like all supervisors to be one_for_all recovery set and have all your
to be permanent (to make any termination considered illegal). And if you like
it to stop at the first fault you need to set restart intensity to
0 restarts over any time.

But to get it all to shutdown, If I don't recall incorrectly,
you must set the permanence of the *applications* to permanent
too in order to make any EXIT-cause be considered illegal.
I think they are transient by default.


Klacke wrote:
> I never made friends with the supervisor module.
> I want a restart strategy so that when any one of the
> children in the application dies, the node is brought down
> and possibly restarted by heart.
> Can I do that?
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