yaws 0.59

Klacke <>
Tue Nov 26 21:44:24 CET 2002

New release of yaws at http://yaws.hyber.org/download/

Here are the relnotes .....

 Lots of fixes and new features in this release. This release of
 Yaws is fast, it delivers 3000 static/dynamic pages/sec on my 2Ghz home box.

 Many fixes in the wiki, 
 ~username expansion now works
 embedded mode is now fully implemented and functional
 many new configuration directives
 some backwards incompatible changes such as ssl config and
 yaws_api:parse_post_data/1. See the docs for details.
 Arg rewrite, customized errors etc.
 Lots of new documentation and new examples
 Optimized ehtml generation


Claes Wikstrom                        -- Caps lock is nowhere and
Alteon WebSystems                     -- everything is under control          
cellphone: +46 70 2097763

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