Interactive Mnemosyne

Hakan Mattsson <>
Tue Nov 26 15:52:08 CET 2002

On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Gerd Flaig wrote:

gerd> how can I make interactive queries? Simple queries like
gerd>	17> mnesia:transaction(fun() -> mnesia:all_keys(numberplan) end).
gerd> are not powerful enough to explore the database in the hope of finding
gerd> interesting properties of the data that's contained therein. Since
gerd> Mnemosyne is based on a parse transform, I assume it's currently not
gerd> possible to use it on the command line. Is there another solution?

There is a function in Mnemosyne called string_to_handle that compiles
Mnemosyne queries from strings. The function is depricated, unsupported
and broken, but you can search the mailing list archive for 
'string_to_handle' if you want to (fix it and) play with it.

For production code I would avoid Mnemosyne as far as possible, and 
give mnesia:select a try instead.


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