New to Earlang

Anders Ramsell <>
Tue Nov 26 00:48:44 CET 2002

Inswitch Solutions - Erlang Evaluation wrote:

> Operative System
> Are Erlang and Mnesia supposed to be as stable in Windows as they are
> supposed to be in Unix? In other words, do you know about anyone who is
> using Windows for a commercial Erlang implementations?

Yes, there are companies using Erlang for commercial applications 
running in Windows. The company I work for, Telia Promotor, develop a 
Contact Center server in Erlang and we run it in Windows. We also use 
Mnesia but not nearly as much as e.g. Sean Hinde does. Our primary 
database is MS SQL Server and we use Mnesia to cache data in Erlang to 
reduce access time.

> Support
>>From your experience, should all the available documentation, examples,
> language references, etc., together with this open source mailing list,
> be "enough" for a start up, or should I try to arrange some kind of
> commercial support? Everything seems to be well documented, proved, and
> tested, and I know that sometimes you obtain much faster answers from an
> "open source mailing list" than from a commercial support service.

We have only used the commercial support for our questions so I cannot 
compare which is faster but we don't have any complaints on either the 
quality or the speed of replies that way. I only read this list "for fun".


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