More ASN.1...

Bruce Fitzsimons <>
Sun Nov 24 10:57:57 CET 2002

I have a few more questions about the Erlang ASN.1 compiler/runtime.

Given an H.323 TransportAddress definition (used for addressing
packets'n'stuff, definition below) I can get packets decoded with items such


However there doesn't seem to be any way of decoding/interpreting this
directly, inasmuch as there is no auto-generated record definition
'TransportAddress_ipAddress' (or for any of the other choices). This is
contrary to what I would have expected given that other choices do end up
with records for their sub-sequences (such as, for example, the RasMessage
choice - gives 'GatekeeperRequest' etc).

I feel I must be missing something fundamental. I can of course define a
record for myself, but I thought I should ask the question.

Thanks in advance


H323 ASN.1 definition:

TransportAddress ::= CHOICE
 ipAddress SEQUENCE
  ip   OCTET STRING (SIZE(4)),
  port   INTEGER(0..65535)
 ipSourceRoute SEQUENCE
  ip   OCTET STRING (SIZE(4)),
  port   INTEGER(0..65535),
  routing   CHOICE
   strict NULL,
   loose NULL,
 ipxAddress SEQUENCE
  node  OCTET STRING (SIZE(6)),
  netnum  OCTET STRING (SIZE(4)),
  port  OCTET STRING (SIZE(2))
 ip6Address SEQUENCE
  ip  OCTET STRING (SIZE(16)),
  port  INTEGER(0..65535),
 netBios   OCTET STRING (SIZE(16)),
 nsap   OCTET STRING (SIZE(1..20)),
 nonStandardAddress NonStandardParameter,

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