Lon Willett <>
Sun Nov 24 06:52:36 CET 2002

On Fri, 2002-11-22 at 20:58, Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Weekend amusement!
> I keep thinking of things I was bending people's ears about over
> post-conference beers, so here are some nice URLs:
> ...
> IP over Avian Carriers - specification, and an implementation 
> (spec)
>   (implementation - see pictures!)

My other favorite RFC is: RFC1437 -- The Extension of MIME Content-Types
to a New Medium <>.

Unfortunately, there is no implementation yet.  But given the high
reliability that it requires, it might help push the world towards more
use of Erlang/OTP.

[See, I'm trying to stay on topic.  ;-)]

And with all the hardware control experience in the Erlang crowd, I'm
surprised that OTP doesn't come with the following MIB supported:
RFC2325 -- Definitions of Managed Objects for Drip-Type Heated Beverage
Hardware Devices using SMIv2 <>.

[I'm still pretending to be on topic.]

> (surely the best hack of all time!)
> ...

I can't let that rest!  My nominee isn't quite so colorful, but is truly
beautiful: Ken Thompson's login hack

[I give up.  We're now clearly off topic for erlang-questions.  But if
there's anyone out there who doesn't already know about Ken Thompson's
classic hack, they should definitely read the article.]



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