language documentation

Julian Fondren <>
Fri Nov 22 14:01:29 CET 2002

>Does anyone feel as lost as I do when it comes to getting definitive
>documentation on the language itself?  I have several copies of the
>book(*) but it is quite out of date.  So much so that we rely on an
>"Erlang Extensions since 4.4" document.  The main problem however is
>that the book is not available online.  I wouldn't want to diminish
>the value of the book or the rewards due it's creators but don't we
>need an online reference for the language which is up to date and
>relatively definetive?

I felt the same (and have encountered the same in other people) for
a long time, until I tripped over the Erlang spec
(somehow the descriptions of this file led me to believe ... what?
I ignored it, is all I can say) which ought to be described as
ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTATION -- which describes the language, perhaps, as
well as the usual Erlang documentation describes the library.

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