language documentation

Vance Shipley <>
Fri Nov 22 12:13:09 CET 2002

Does anyone feel as lost as I do when it comes to getting definitive
documentation on the language itself?  I have several copies of the
book(*) but it is quite out of date.  So much so that we rely on an
"Erlang Extensions since 4.4" document.  The main problem however is
that the book is not available online.  I wouldn't want to diminish
the value of the book or the rewards due it's creators but don't we
need an online reference for the language which is up to date and 
relatively definetive?

I was writing a guard tonight as tuple(X) but it ocurred to me that
I ought to use is_tuple(X).  I wasn't sure which was most appropriate
where and I spent some time searching for "the word".

I ended up finding the following:

Which incendentally also mentions an is_space().  :)


(*)  Concurrent Programming in Erlang - Second Edition

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