Hexadecimal conversions

Matthias Lang <>
Thu Nov 21 21:49:31 CET 2002

Chris Pressey writes:

 > Seriously, it's a bit ridiculous, don't you think?  How is a dependency on
 > httpd_util any cleaner than rolling your own string functions?  "Richer,
 > saner standard libraries" is definately at the top of my Erlang wish-list
 > this Christmas.

Depends on your priorities. Having someone else maintain the code for
you is worth something too. The standard libraries are of variable
quality and there's no real way to know which bits are good and which
leave a thing or two to be desired, apart from experience. 

The hierarchical modules system (in R9) may make a cleanup less painful.

 > Also on the subject, there was once on this list some code to add hex
 > formatting to io_lib:format/2, but I don't know if it ever made it into
 > OTP...

That hex-formatting code is too crappy to be included in stdlib
without a fair bit of work. You can apply it yourself if you want,



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