MacOS X? [newbie Q.]

Robert Spector <>
Wed Nov 20 17:39:40 CET 2002

Hi all,

I've recently taken up Erlang in the spirit of widening my
background (which is mostly Java, w/some elisp and C),
inspired by Joe Armstrong's recent talk at LL2 (Boston).

I downloaded R9 to run on Win2k, read the 4-day course 
and Concurrent Programming Erlang Part 1 (pdf), and 
have enjoyed the experience so far.  Ulf Wiger helped me
out with some points already, and directed me to this

My main interest is to experiment w/the distributed aspects.
I have several MacOS X (10.2 "Jaguar") boxen, but it
appears that the last attempt to get Erlang running there
is almost 2 years old, with no reference on the download page.

Can anybody point me to a compatible implementation,
that I can run against an R9 node.  Or, would this require me
to attempt to build it myself (no experience in porting to a Mac)?

Thanks in advance,


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