Very strange bug

Vladimir Sekissov <>
Mon Nov 18 23:29:44 CET 2002

Good day,

I've discovered a very strange (for me) bug when I'm starting Erlang
with clean boot without sasl.

Lets explain by example:

$ /usr/local/bin/erl

Eshell V5.2  (abort with ^G)
1> m(file).

Module file compiled: Date: October 24 2002, Time: 11.26
Compiler options:  [v3,
Object file: /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/kernel-2.8.0/ebin/file.beam
... skipped...
eval/1                        read/2
file_info/1                   read_file/1
format_error/1                read_file_info/1
... skipped...

2> file:read_file("./www/HEAD").
{ok, ...}

3> yaws:start().

=INFO REPORT==== 19-Nov-2002::02:57:09 ===
Using config file /home/svg/yaws.conf
=INFO REPORT==== 19-Nov-2002::02:57:09 ===
Listening to for servers ["localhost:8000"]

4> m(file).
... skipped...
eval/1                        rawopen/2
file_info/1                   read/2
format_error/1                read_file_info/1
get_cwd/0                     read_link/1
... skipped...

5> file:read_file("./www/HEAD").
** exited: {undef,[{file,read_file,
                   {shell,eval_loop,2}]} **

As you can see in second output of m(file) declaration of read_file/1
is absent and function is not available.

When I'm starting Erlang with sasl all is ok.

Can somebody point me to the cause of the problem.

The system is GentooLinux-1.4/GCC-3.1/kernel-2.4.19

Best Regards,
Vladimir Sekissov

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