[freebsd] new erlang related packages

Jimmy Olgeni <>
Sat Nov 16 01:32:12 CET 2002


On Sat, 16 Nov 2002, Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:

> The error message comes after a short pause.
> Any idea?

No clue here, looks fine on -stable. Which tcl/wish package are you

> 1. Erlang: A hint that the erlang emacs mode file is
>    hidden below /usr/local/share/lib/erlang would be nice

Done :)

> 2. Distel: I would add "Erlang" to the package description,
>    to allow distel to show up in a search result, when one
>    uses the ports search engine over at www.freebsd.org
>    for Erlang apps.

The distel port already has erlang references in both comment and
description, but "make search" doesn't pick it up because it's a
recent addition. Maybe the search engine uses the same index, that
would be a good reason for not finding it :) You may try to check if
the search works after the next ports/INDEX commit.


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