truncated function/aritys in m(calendar)

Julian Fondren <>
Fri Nov 15 15:40:46 CET 2002

In Erlang/OTP R9B,

I noticed that m(calendar) printed truncated function/aritys for
some of calendar's longer-named exports.  I thought this very odd,
as "calendar:<TAB>"'s output didn't suffer from this...

stdlib-1.11.0/src/c.erl defines m/1 as

m(M) ->
    {value,{exports,E}} = keysearch(exports, 1, L),
    ... % none of this uses E
    format("Exports: ~n",[]), print_exports(keysort(1, E)).

I removed
  * print_exports/1, split_print_exports/1, and
    split_print_exports/3 from c.erl
  * the import of lists:keysort/2 from c.erl
  * the binding of E in the above definition
and changed the last line to


which seems to work well enough.  These modifications are released
into the public domain.

(Curiously, I had to restart the node I was using in order to load
the modified version of c.erl -- code:erl_abs/1 (via c:c/1) complained
that it couldn't load modules from a 'sticky directory', which
stdlib-1.11.0/src/ebin wasn't -- at least not so far as the linux
filesystem was concerned.)

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