small optimization story

Luke Gorrie <>
Tue Nov 12 17:38:51 CET 2002

James Hague <> writes:

> Really interesting, Luke!
> I wrote up some similar experiences here:

Nice timing :-)

Klacke and I just did a > 5x speedup of some performance critical HTML
generation code. We used fprof and it took about 15 minutes - turned
out to be trivial io_lib:format("~s/~s/") type of things that we just
rewrote as conses. The search space for the bottleneck was rather
large (Yaws + whole application) so profiling probably saved us a
couple of days of work.

The main optimization was in the {ehtml, ...} feature of Yaws, so
everyone else using it can get a nice speedup too (in a minute after,
a checkin..)

We both love fprof now :-)

(Look forward to reading your page when I have a minute!)


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