Erlang is _the_ disruptive technology...

Ulf Wiger <>
Tue Nov 12 14:46:25 CET 2002

I finally got to a computer (my little sister's...) that
allowed me to watch the recorded webcast from the MIT
workshop (

Good job, Joe, but what was the deal with the pagedown
button?! It seemed impossible to bring up the next slide on
the first try.  (:

Also very interesting was the speech by Todd Proebsting,
senior researcher and manager of the Programming Language
Systems group at Microsoft Research. He opened the afternoon
session with an interesting talk about Disruptive
Programming Language Technologies.

Mr. Proebsting listed a number of areas where new
programming languages may offer great advantages over the
current mainstream. His last example was Concurrent
Programming. There, he wanted to "propose Erlang as the
answer," naming it _the_ disruptive programming language
technology for concurrent and distributed computing.

I wish him great success in convincing the rest of
Microsoft.  (:


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