Benchmarks using Mnesia (or other concurrent programs)

Jesper Wilhelmsson <>
Tue Nov 12 14:38:20 CET 2002

Hi list!

I'm looking for benchmarks to evaluate different memory models and message
passing optimizations in the beam-emulator. Any (larger) program with
message passing will do, but preferably it should have several processes
communicating quite a lot.

My thought was that a program using a mnesia server and some clients
sending a number of requests, would generate some messages. So my question
is: Does anyone have a mnesia database and some test client that sends a
number of requests, and is this anyone (you) willing to let me use the
program as a benchmark. Ideally it should come with some wrapper so that I
only have to call mnesiatest:start(). and wait for it to return.

If there is such a benchmark that acually correlates to something in real
life, it would be great. But any test program that run for a couple of
seconds will do.
/Jesper Wilhelmsson

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