appspace pollution :)

Matthias Lang <>
Mon Nov 11 16:01:58 CET 2002

Sean Hinde writes:

 > Is anyone aware of any detailed security analysis done on 
 > Erlang/OTP? 

Dan Sahlin, Lawrie Brown and others worked on something called "Safe
Erlang" (see the papers section on DMOZ: I last read one of
their papers three years ago, so I'm a bit hazy about what exactly
they were doing, but I think it was mostly focussed on being able to
safely execute third-party code on an erlang node. Not quite what you
were asking about, but it includes related issues.

 > For example there were vulnerabilities in zlib some time ago 
 > (fixed in R9B?).

R9B has a newer version of zlib, so I think it's fixed, but I'm not

Daniel Neri posted a patch for R8B-2:


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