Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

Vance Shipley <>
Wed Nov 6 03:14:50 CET 2002


This forum isn't the place to ask about SMS, SS7, etc.  You'll have
to do the research to discover what interfaces and protocols are 
best for your application(s).  Once you have done that you will then
have to determine an architecture which puts it all together.

In the case of SMPP you have a protocol which uses TCP/IP for the
lower layers.  OTP provides an interface to TCP/IP which could be used
to implement SMPP in Erlang.  If you don't want to implement SMPP
yourself you will have to find an implementation to use and interface
that to Erlang/OTP.  Typically a protocol implementation will provide
a C language application programming interface (API).

There are a number of options for interfacing C language APIs to
Erlang/OTP.  To get started look at:


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