Martin Gustafsson <>
Tue Nov 5 16:00:57 CET 2002


It was a little time since I used mod_esi, and I do not have the very 
latets version of it but my best guess is that a new process is spawned 
when the function in your module that generates the html-code is called.

The process that will get the data from deliver/2 will continue to wait 
for data until the spawned process dies. Then he connection to the
will then be closed if you do not use a persistent connection.

So the solution to your problem is to let the process die when it is
 generating the html-page.

Best regards

Martin Gustafsson

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When I use this new mod_esi:deliver callback, it seems that the server
does not know when to end the connection towards the browser (or vice
versa, I am not a http expert). So the browser is just waiting (the
globe is whirling in IE) then either I stop the transfer or some timeout
ends it. Is there any way to tell the erlang httpd that all the data has
been supplied by the callback?

Thanks in advance,

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