code update doubt

Francesco Cesarini <>
Mon Nov 4 12:18:06 CET 2002

I assume you are not using generic servers and OTP. Don't see the 
process as being suspended. When you load your new code, you will have 
two versions of the code in your Erlang run time machine.

Your process will still be running the old version with the old state. 
When you do your global call, you will start running the new version of 
the code with the old state. If your new code requires an update in the 
state, you would have to handle it in your new code.

If you are using OTP, the state update takes place directly after the 
code change through the help of call back functions. (I will not go into 
this further so as to avoid confusing you as I assume you are working 
with pure Erlang).


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