Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

Per Bergqvist <>
Fri Nov 1 08:39:30 CET 2002

/// still owns the product, they sold the development organization for
it to TE some mysterious reason.                                      
Really strange since it has now finally stabillized as is nowadays one
of the best ss7 products on the market. (Except that management and   
especially configuration still sucks).                                
Sometimes I think Ericsson is as clear about their core business as   
Posten (The swedish Postal Office that recently decided that mail     
delivery is not their core business ...).                             
It is still unclear if I can continue to buy the stuff from /// or if 
they sold out the sales guys as well :-(                              
Comment on the SS7 in Erlang:                                         
It is absolutely doable. I have had a couple of prototypes "almost    
working" (tm) but this (very much background....) project has now been
stalled during the last year(s) or so in favour for OpenSS7.          
This doesn't really seem to happen either so in a better world I would
probably bring life to the project again...                           
The challenge is in MTP3 if you wan't to have full blown stack.       
It can be simplified by restricting functionality to end-node.        
The rest of the layers are very straightforward as long as you know   
what you're doing.                                                    
Then, the biggest problem comes. This all needs to be verified in very
expensive formal testing by third parties and apart from that you will
have to spend more time and money on convincing your customer (i.e.   
the operator) that your stack is up to it than you would pay on of the
commercial vendors for a stack.                                       
Never the less, it could be handy for research and testing.           
> Klacke writes                                                       
>  > To my knowledge the only #7 implementation Ericsson has is       
>  > in PLEX and is about 20 years old by now.                        
> Ericsson have a complete stack written in C. They even bundle it    
> hardware and sell it externally, or at least they did a while       
> back.                                                               
> There's a vague press release on the product page saying that       
> the division has been sold to Tieto Enator. I'm not sure what the   
> ramifications of that are; maybe it's not possible to buy it any    
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