Records, encapsulation and optional elements

Ingela Anderton <>
Wed May 22 17:17:20 CEST 2002

Alex Peake wrote:
> Sorry Ingela, when I said "much more elegant" I meant much more elegant than
> *my* solution. I was not referring to your solution. Your's is "much more
> elegant" too!
Well thank you :) But there still was a bug in it!

> I am very new to Erlang, so my attempts are rather clumsy as I learn.
> I thought Willem's code was in the class of "dirty tricks" since (to quote
> Willem):
> % We make use of knowledge about implementation of records.
> % It's bad style, but so very useful! ;-)
> Am I right here, or is it just my newness to the Erlang world?
You are right. We are getting things mixed up here, or atleast I was.
I was really refering to Vladimir Sekissov solotion as the on that I
thought was cleaner. And I do not like Williems (sorry Williem) as it
uses dirty tricks.

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