Compiler crash

Richard Carlsson <>
Wed May 22 15:18:32 CEST 2002

On Wed, 22 May 2002, Fredrik Linder wrote:

> When I compile apa_bad.erl does erlc crash, but with apa_good.erl is
> doesn't.
> crash reason: {{case_clause,{'EXIT',{function_clause,
>                                         [{v3_core,
>                                              pat_alias,
>                                              [{c_atom,[],type},
>                                               {c_atom,[],eme_lir}]},

The error is this clause in apa_bad.erl:

    get_svc_tag(type = eme_lir) -> svc_init.

"type" should have been "Type". The compiler (R9) has apparently already
been extended to ``handle'' such incompatible aliases by quietly making
the clause unselectable, but this should preferably be detected by
erl_lint so that you would get an error message instead.


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