Erlang communities and Activities report

Francesco Cesarini <>
Wed May 15 13:24:21 CEST 2002

As Matthias mentioned, there is a comprehensive list of Erlang links at

It contains projects, products (ongoing and terminated), research, 
commercial support, articles, thesis, conferences, contributions, and 
all links relating to Erlang I was able to find. There are a couple 
hundred links right now, which should approach 300 as soon as I have a 
couple of days over to add them. Until then, if you have any links feel 
free to add them yourself in the add section or email them to me (The 
latter might take longer to include them).


Joe Armstrong wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>I'd like to *voluteer* to edit and keep alive a
>"Erlang Communities and Activities Report" (something like the haskell 
>thingy at
>I intend to publish this 4 times year.
>Please send me an e-mail telling me what your working on - mark the
>subject line - "Erlang report" and post it to me
>The email should have:
>1) Your name + e-mail address
>2) Project title
>3) Project description
>4) A URL
>5) Other infomation
>I will edit together everything you send me and see that it gets

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