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Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Wed May 15 00:30:34 CEST 2002

Chris wrote:
>Using another language simply for its GUI capabilities is something I'd
>rather avoid if possible, unless perhaps that language is specifically for
>GUI.  So, I'm not very interested in using Java.  I've never really liked
>Tcl either, but it's a bit unavoidable when using Tk (although GS hides
>this nicely (although this is probably what makes GS so complex)).  I
>briefly considered Visual BASIC, but it doesn't seem to have a concept of
>standard input/output or file handles, so writing a port program in it
>would probably be more work than it's worth.


Maybe it is a little out of topic, but there is an important difference
between using Tcl/Tk via GS and Java as GUI builders. For a closer match,
there would be a Java server that one could send commands from Erlang (like,
"create a text box with these params") all nicely packaged just as GS. As a
matter of fact, such a Java server might even serve as a backend for GS...

I feel the same that using Java to build a GUI and using Erlang only for
non-visual stuff is a little kludgy... the GUI is also part of the
application, and I like to keep things on the Erlang side :-)

What was the point with my note, you ask? How should I know? :-) I think
that I just realized myself that one could in principle write a Java backend
for GS, and then extend it to take advantage of all whistle-and-bells of a
Java GUI... sounds interesting enough, I think. But it will take a lot of

good night now,

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