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Chris Pressey <>
Tue May 14 22:41:29 CEST 2002

On 13 May 2002 19:03:52 +0200
Kent Boortz <> wrote:

> Chris Pressey <> writes:
> > So, if you really want to make my day (even though I am not a paying
> > customer, for shame, I don't even use EMACS or own a cell phone,) you
> > can start by telling me that R9 is coming out soon and that it ships
> > with an updated GS that uses Tcl/Tk 8 as its backend and that that
> > backend doesn't crash when run under Windows ME.
> I can't tell you all that but something is done to move there. I have
> just been working with moving GS to Tcl/Tk 8.3.4 on Unix and Tcl/Tk
> 8.3.2 on Windows for a couple of days.

This is excellent news.  Thank you.

Out of curiousity, any reason not to use Tcl/Tk 8.3.3 on Windows?  (At
least I am fairly confident 8.3.x will not completely and utterly crash on
Windows ME, and that is the most important aspect for me personally.)

>   - I have to test it on Windows (I'm not a Windows person so this
>     may take some time).

I can help, probably not thoroughly, but I will be one Erlang user who
will be using GS fairly intensively under Windows.  If something doesn't
work, you'll hear about it  :)

On a few related notes.

I tried erlgtk for Windows, but the archive does not seem to
include the lib*.hrl files (which are presumably generated automatically
by the makefile, from OS-specific constants, found in C language headers).
So, I could only get about six of the less impressive gtk examples to
compile on Windows.

Using another language simply for its GUI capabilities is something I'd
rather avoid if possible, unless perhaps that language is specifically for
GUI.  So, I'm not very interested in using Java.  I've never really liked
Tcl either, but it's a bit unavoidable when using Tk (although GS hides
this nicely (although this is probably what makes GS so complex)).  I
briefly considered Visual BASIC, but it doesn't seem to have a concept of
standard input/output or file handles, so writing a port program in it
would probably be more work than it's worth.

I still think a GS-compatible interface to erlgtk would be nice, and
possibly even a feasible project someday, once I achieve some fluency in

Thanks for all the info.


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