ANN: Haskell Communities and Activities Report (2nd edition)

C.Reinke <>
Thu May 9 16:47:34 CEST 2002

Haskell??? on the Erlang list??

Yes. And why not? Many of us try to follow functional programming
activities across the board. So, please, read on - I'll keep it

  The 2nd edition of the Haskell Communities and Activities Report
  is now available (PDF,Postscript,HTML) at:

  It is part of a 6-monthly survey, attempting to provide an overview
  of recent activities in the various areas Haskellers are active in.

Enough said about that here, but I hope you'll find it an
interesting read (the 1st edition is also still available).

I would very much like to see a similar effort in the Erlang
Community (or does it exist already?). It's not as exiting as
meeting for a drink;) but it would make it easier to keep track of
developments (some of which happen away from this list), without
having to google all Erlang-related web sites every few months (e.g.
what is the state of that Wings community, or Yaws, what happened to
that peer-to-peer discussion, is the type system usable yet, or who
is working on it, what about the model-checking, who is using Erlang
now, what for, how are they affected by the current economy, who is
offering Erlang training, or Erlang jobs, etc. etc. ?). The reports
would work as a complement to existing web sites and mailing lists.

Btw, there's no reason why people in Haskell-land shouldn't
cooperate or exchange ideas with people in Erlang-land, and there
have been some productive examples already (concurrency/distribution, 
type systems).  There are the usual differences, e.g., about theory
and practice of type and other safety;-) but I've got the impression
that the exchanges have been fruitful for both sides, as the
expertise of one group challenges the assumptions of the other.

Activity reports could help to foster such cooperations, or just to
spread and document some ideas. As the current editor of the Haskell
version, I'd be willing to cross-reference.


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