distributed applications (PLEASE COMMENT)

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Wed May 8 15:26:57 CEST 2002

After looking deeper into the terrible deadlocks in dist_ac           
I decided to do something about it.                                   
Attached is a large patch. Can you please look on the new             
implementation/behaviour and comment.                                 
The differences are:                                                  
1) Deadlocks caused by message exchange in dist_ac removed.           
2) User and server code use different locks to avoid deadlocks caused 
by locking.                                                           
3) Protocol version stepped to 2 which is incompatible with version 1.
If a version 2 node detects a version 1 node it will commit suicide.  
I.e. all nodes in a providing distributed applications must run the   
same protocol version. (Version 1 is useless anyway).                 
4) Applications will stay on the running node until a node with higher
priority is available.                                                
5) New API application:whereis_application(AppName) to find the       
current node for an application.                                      
Please comment on this.                                               
Per Bergqvist                                                         
Synapse Systems AB                                                    
Phone: +46 709 686 685                                                
Email: per@REDACTED                                                   
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