Erwolf: An Erlang based Linux distribution

phillipd <>
Tue May 7 23:05:52 CEST 2002

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> Subject: Erwolf: An Erlang based Linux distribution
> Hello,
> I am currently building a new linux distribution based on 
> Erlang, called
> Erwolf. The name is a contraction of Erlang and Wolf, because the
> ultimate goal of this distribution is to ease the 
> construction of Erlang
> cluster, based on standard computer available on a network 
> (like a horde
> of wolves). The cluster can be setup up without the need to install
> anything on the host computer.
> Erwolf Linux distribution characteristics are the following:
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This sounds like and interesting project. 
What is your "Target Market?" 
Or is this mostly for fun.
Keep the info coming....


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