emacs 21, comint and erlang-mode

Gerd Flaig gerd@REDACTED
Tue May 7 12:59:54 CEST 2002

Jimmy Olgeni <olgeni@REDACTED> writes:

> Looks like something changed in the comint package for emacs 21.x: erlang
> mode hangs when waiting for the erl prompt, then times out after 60
> seconds.
> If you press Ctrl-G while it is hung, the prompt appears regularly.
> For some reason the loop in inferior-erlang-wait-prompt fails when
> "looking-at" the comint-prompt-regexp.
> Silly workaround for your .emacs:
>   (add-hook 'erlang-mode-hook (lambda () (setq comint-prompt-regexp "")))
> :-)

this didn't work for me. However, I found out that the behaviour of
beginning-of-line has changed in Emacs 21. The included patch fixes
the problem.

        Goodbyte, Gerd.

P.S.: Maybe I'm just blind, but is there any home location /
      maintainer for erlang mode or even something newer than v2.4 you
      know of?

--- erlang.el~	Tue May  7 12:30:44 2002
+++ erlang.el	Tue May  7 12:42:26 2002
@@ -5242,7 +5242,7 @@
       (let ((msg nil))
 	(while (save-excursion
 		 (goto-char (process-mark inferior-erlang-process))
-		 (beginning-of-line)
+		 (forward-line 0)
 		 (not (looking-at comint-prompt-regexp)))
 	  (if msg

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