big mnesia database

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Wed Mar 27 09:26:46 CET 2002

Don't know if there's an official record, but the mnesia database
of AXD 301's CCviewer installation now has the following

- 4,753,747 records (in disc_copies - i.e. RAM and disk)
- roughly 765 MBytes of data in ETS tables

This is a bit too much, since I only (!) have 1 GB of RAM on my
machine, and BEAM currently scores 1.5 GB... I'd throw much of
the data into disc_only_copies if there were such a thing as
ordered_set dets tables.

Apart from using up too much RAM on my machine, I can report that
it works really well. Even so, I will need to do some
restructuring of my data model in order to cram even more stuff
into the database. ;)


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